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We are an experienced and reputable company that has been providing quality home inspection services for the past 25 years. We provide top-notch services at affordable prices and at your convenience.

Video Sewer Scope

If the sewer line has major faults and must be replaced, inspecting it will allow you to avoid the cost of the repair. You may be able to use your inspection contingency to negotiate a lower price for the home, or to get the other party to fix the issue before you move in. If they don't agree to do so, you can walk away from the deal. Either way, you avoid the expense of replacing the sewer line yourself. Fixing an issue with a sewer line can run over $3,000.

Thermal FLIR Scanning to locate moisture and energy loss

Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows the inspector to show clients things about their homes or buildings that can't be revealed using conventional inspection methods.

Lead Base Paint Testing

Many houses and apartments built before 1978 have paint that contains high levels of lead (called lead-based paint). Lead from paint, chips, and dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care of properly. Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before renting, buying, or renovating pre-1978 housing.

Mold Inspections

Contact us immediately, as the bacteria from mold can lead to serious health problems for anyone living or working within the space.

Town Home & Condo Inspections

An increasing number of investors are electing to have their property inspection completed prior to finalizing the purchase of their investment. This is a very important step as it ensures that the prospective investor is fully aware of any deficiencies or safety issues prior to finalizing the purchase contract.

Garage & Outbuildings

Did you know that some Garages and Outbuildings are not required for home inspections? If you are purchasing a home with a detached garage or outbuildings, let us help you inspect the buildings so you know what you are getting.

Mobile Homes

Are you looking at purchasing a mobile home. Mobile home inspections are different from a non-mobile home. These difference can create a unique issue that a typical homeowner.


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